Monday, April 21, 2014

Hey birders! Happy Easter! Sorry I'm late with this post... Welcome to bird blogger MT, your latest in bird news and activities!
Not much to say, except that Galveston is fine, and Team Sapsucker won this year's birding competition, sponsored by the New Jersey Audubon. They identified 296 bird species last year, and this year's date is May 3! They will go to Arizona and California.
Here's this week's fun fact! I'll give you two, actually, since I was late! First off, did you know that shrikes, being about the size of a starling, will actually eat other songbirds that are larger than them? Or that a great horned owl will actually kill and eat a small deer? I guess that's already two, but here's a third one! Did you know that Allen's Hummingbird, a very miniscule bird, is extremely aggressive? In fact, it's been known to even scare off Osprey!
Well, so long from Bird Blogger MT, and I won't have any interesting news until most likely May 3. 

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