Thursday, May 8, 2014

  Hey Birders! This is Bird Blogger MT!
  Today is a very special issue all about Team Sapsucker! Get prepared to know more about extreme birding than you ever thought possible! First, I'll send you the link for Team Sapsucker's results! Go to  for all the results, details, and some great pictures! 275 species were identified, over 24 complete hours of nonstop birding! They had one flat tire, and 3 encounters with border patrol, but still managed to get some awesome results! Team Sapsucker is Marshall Lliff, Andrew Farnsworth, Jessie Berry, Chris Wood, Tim Lenz, and Brian Sullivan.
All this was partly to support conservation, and they raised more money this year than any other!
Instead of fun facts this week, instead I'll show you tons of pictures! Make sure to use the link posted!


Friday, May 2, 2014

Team Sapsucker

  Hey Birders!
  I procrastinated for the last two weeks, but there's some exciting news today! Team Sapsucker is on their Big Day tomorrow! 2 states, 24 hours, and a goal of 300 birds! They'll be taking a route nicknamed El Gigante, covering some of the biggest birding spots in North America! I'll post the news as soon as I can!
Well, that's all for now, but I'll give you that fun fact before I go!
Did you know there are more waterfowl species in the Aleutian Islands than anywhere else in North America.
Also, did you there are 318 bird species in Yellowstone National Park, 256 of those being songbird species? Or that there are 260 bird species in Glacier National Park?
See you next time, from bird blogger MT!