Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hey, bird fans!
If you want a very interactive bird web site that has lots of optional programs and information exclusively about Ornithology, I STRONGLY suggest‎ 
It's a great web site and I use it all the time. It also features an online guide, so you can find almost any bird in the world and know about it's behavior, migratory paths, (in some cases) and much, much more!
As far as I know, I've made a link to it on this post, so try clicking on it! If that doesn't work, highlight it and click on the right side of  the mouse, and an option should be there to visit the site! Otherwise, just search it on Google or Bing or put in the web site address.
Also, for even MORE info, visit their YouTube channel: LabofOrnithology.
So long, and happy holidays from Bird Blogger MT!!!

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